Do you do Acrylic or Gel Nails?

We do not do acrylic or gel nails.  For two reasons.  We will not do anything unhealthy to a nail bed.  We also try very hard to keep our shop scent free.

Do you do Shelac?

Yes we do, but we do not buff nails to apply.  This thins the nail and is not healthy for the nail bed.

Do you carry a line of products?

Yes we carry our own natural, non scent line of products for the hands and feet for sport manicure and pedicure.

Do you use non-acetone nail polish remover?

Yes we do.

Do you carry nail polishes without formaldehyde?

Yes we do.

Do you carry allergy sensitive products, including non latex gloves?

Yes we do.  We ask all our clients a series of questions before their appointments.

Do you do mobiles?

Yes we do, for existing clients.

Do you carry a variety of nail polishes?

Yes we do, with or with out formaldehyde.

Do you do after hour appointments?

Yes, we do early and late appointments, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays.  Please call to book early or late appointments.