The Concept.

Karma Living by Dee began operating July 2011.

Karma Living is the dream of partners, Dee Tilbrook and Jo­Anne Haun. Dee and Jo­Anne, wanted a place where folks could go to have their hands and feet maintained at an affordable price.

“Our focus is to provide an affordable service in a happy and healthy environment, but don’t get us wrong, we do pretty as well.”

Dee & Jo­Anne wanted everyone including, our Senior Citizens and others on fixed incomes to be able to enjoy the luxury of a manicure and pedicure. Many of our Seniors are not in a position to pay $25.00 to $40.00 and upwards just for a pedicure every 4 to 6 weeks.

Services and Products.

Dee has consulted and worked with Nancy Crawford R.N. in developing our line of all natural, scent free products for a sport manicure or pedicure. We use these products everyday in servicing our clients. These products are also availble to purchase at a very reasonable price to help maintain the health of hands and feet inbetween visits.

We also offer colour to brighten up your hands and feet.

Karma carries a vast amount of nail colours from O.P.I, Color Club, Rimmel, Essie, Revlon, Sally Hansen, Seche Vite, Cheeky Monkey, Nicole, others.

Karma Living does not provide acrylic nails or any other nail service that requires the dremeling of a nail surface before application.

Other services at Karma Living include, Hot Stone Pedicures and Relaxing Hot Stone Body Massages.

Feel free to call us for an appointment or any questions you may have.